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Sport Waikato, Administration Office, Hamilton

The Sport Waikato office at Wintec Campus, works to challenge traditional modes of structures built for administration and organisational use. The building is dynamic, fluid, and transitory in its built form, to capture the essence of administration roles functioning within its building perimeter. Being a "team hub" that houses many sporting organisations throughout the Waikato, the building, both externally and internally, physically portrays notions of movement, interchange, agility, speed, strength, teamwork and cooperation. The precast concrete exterior roadside facade, is an essential acoustic element configured beside the deafening vehicle noise of State Highway One, and works as a dominant element to grounding the building mass, to give it great strength. This expressive form, then "contracts its muscles", to extend and manipulate the agile roof form floating above. The patterned precast wall also works as a solar trombe wall, absorbing the solar heat gain during the day, and passively releasing it to the interior space within. The interior of the building addresses the internal workings of the team hub philosophy, with a volumous open plan layout. More intimate and concentrated workstation clusters, are shared in communal spaces for meetings and seminars, resource and reprographics. All sporting codes that share the collection of spaces, coordinate and cooperate with shared service facilities, to deliver the administration hub, and offer the best configuration to serve the Waikato sporting community.

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