The Avantidrome, Home of Cycling, National Velodrome, Cambridge

The Avantidrome, Home of Cycling, National Velodrome, Cambridge

Chibnall Buckell Marovic Team Architects’ joint ventured with Waikato construction company, Livingstone Building, and delivered a successful design build/guaranteed maximum price/fixed time line package for delivery in March 2014. The velodrome arena is 110metres in length by 65metres in width, and has no supporting columns, but rather a series of ten degree angled perimeter frames supporting 6 metre high, curved steel space frames, all suspended 20 metres above the imported Siberian Pine timber track. An adjacent three storey administration building, houses Bike New Zealand, High Performance Sport, Triathlon New Zealand, as well as a significant number of community based office, gymnasium and training spaces for road, track, BMX and mountain bike programmes. The complex and challenging journey has provided CBMTA with a series of specialist team based "design and build" skill sets, resulting in a cost efficient, finely tuned, architectural solution.

Great time lapse video of the track installation...

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